Exploring Culture

Cesar Diaz, sports editor

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During January I had the opportunity to taste ‘chapulines’, which are grasshoppers that are commonly eaten in southern Mexico and Central America. Honestly, they didn’t please my taste buds but, I understand why some people actually like them.

Racism is a social construct that like any other negative social construct can and should be deconstructed. The idea of ending racism may come off as naïve but, what I’m suggesting isn’t a cure that can be prescribed and will work effectively for everybody. I’m only suggesting that individuals change and, that helps influence others. The study of different cultures leads to love and appreciation towards the ethnicities that make up these different cultures.

It’s easy to have a bias against something you don’t know much about or haven’t experienced. That’s why I suggest going out and experiencing different cultures besides, exploring new things is both fun and educational. However, aside from the defining characteristics, it’s also important to study the history that molded different cultures. It’s important to understand the struggles people went through and how that affected the development of their culture.

It’s 2018 and it’s easier than ever to explore the many cultures of the world. Through the internet languages can be learned, music and food recipes can be discovered. Let alone on one platform like YouTube I can listen to jazz music by Miles Davis or Gene McDaniels one moment and learn a new recipe for instant ramen the next.

Like New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area is a melting pot where culture is abundant. In cities like San Francisco and Oakland there are cultural neighborhoods like Little Italy where you can enjoy the taste of lasagna and neapolitan ice cream or Fruitvale where you can eat a burrito at a taco truck and wash it down with a Jarritos. Music is also a big part of culture. Here in the Bay Area we have our own music culture that consists of genres like hyphy and San Francisco sound which are subcultures.

Speaking the same language, eating the same food, listening to the same music is dull. This is why I suggest to explore new cultures, it provides variation which results in a sense of happiness and fulfilment. It’s fun and productive, learning new things is always great, even if you don’t apply them to your everyday life it’s cool to know a lot about a lot of things.

Here in San Leandro there are restaurants of cultures from all around the world, even locally culture is something that impacts us and we can explore.  

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Exploring Culture