Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

The Cargo

Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

The Cargo

2023-2024 Staff

Editor in Chief

Savannah Craig

Hey! I'm Savannah, one of the Editors in Chief of The Cargo. I am a senior and it is my third year as a staff member. I really like listening to music and watching movies.

Editor in Chief

Noor Al-Deen

Hello! My name is Noor and this is my second year with the Cargo. I love spending my free time reading, play games, hanging with my cat, and listening to K-Pop! I hope you enjoy our content. (⋆ˆ ³ ˆ)♥

Staff Writer

Taijai Owens

Hi, my name is Taijai. I'm a senior and this is my second year being a part of the Cargo Staff! My pronouns are she/they. I enjoy reading, my favorite as of recently being We Were Witches by Ariel Gore. I like listening to a plethora...

Staff Writer

Shawn Guzman

Hey my name is Shawn this is my first year writing for The Cargo!!!

San Leandro High ASB

This is a non-user account for Cargo staff to add updates from the San Leandro High Associated Student Body officers. The Cargo staff does not edit these posts.

Robert Tuifao

Hi my name is Robert, this is my second year in the Cargo.I like to play Rugby and listen to music.

Arianna Jackson

Hi, I'm Arianna Jackson, I'm currently a senior and his is my 2nd year on the cargo. I love dancing and I'm currently a captain on our school's varsity cheer team. I also love listening to music, writing, fashion, dogs, learning...

Layout Editor

Brian Chen

Hi, my name is Brian. I am a junior and this is my first year working with Cargo! I like to hangout and spend time with my close friends and family.

Editor In Chief

Michael Thomas

I'm Michael Thomas, a senior and one of The Cargo's Editor in Chiefs.

Managing Editor

Genesis Saenz

Hi! My name is Genesis and I'm a senior! This is my second year on The Cargo. I enjoy drawing, writing and listening to music. More than anything, I love spending time with my cats :)

Copy Editor

Leo Orellana Paniagua

Hello, my name's Leo and I am currently a junior. I am androgynous, a Libra, born on Sept. 28, and I'm really into the Arctic Monkeys and Quiet Riot. I also really like reading and writing fiction/fantasy/ dystopia/thriller type...