Hip-Hop: Yesterday and Today

Amir Lorenzo, Staff Writer

March 1, 2019

From its underground beginnings to becoming the most popular music genre of the past two decades, hip-hop has had an enormous impact on not only the African-American community but every community in the world. Hip-hop reached its p...

We Can’t Buy Love

Kelly Zhao, Opinion Editor

February 14, 2019

On a typical Valentine’s Day, couples surprise each other with roses, chocolates, or gifts with alarming price tags. Days before the holiday, heart-printed gifts line the front aisles of shops. Teddy bears are stacked in ro...

Reclaiming Black Hxstory Month

Jadyn Fluker, Staff Writer

February 14, 2019

As most people know, February is Black Hxstory month, a time when we acknowledge our ancestors and all their accomplishments. During Black Hxstory month, teachers take about a week to review Black hxstory. All that is taught is ...

Accepting your Physical Self

Corey Reeves, Staff Writer

February 14, 2019

Physical self-love is learning to love your physical appearance even if you do not fit into societal standards. Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological...

Self-Love Affects your Mentality

Elizabeth Waters-Leiga, Staff Writer

February 14, 2019

We commonly hear about self-love and positive body image in the media; some would even say that it is sometimes glorified. But how does it truly affect us in our regular day to day lives? In a day and age with so much pressu...

Driven Out of San  Leandro

Driven Out of San Leandro

February 14, 2019

The Art of Complaining

Cesar Diaz, Staff Writer

February 11, 2019

I’m doing well, I can’t complain. Or rather, I can but I shouldn’t. Or should I? Sometimes (most of the time) things don’t go your way, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Well, there is one thing you can do: you...

Society’s Affect On Our Happiness

Miranda Calacsan

August 23, 2018

  In 1938, Harvard started a study to determine what the key to happiness is. They took a group of 263 men and, over the course of their lives, asked them questions about their overall health and well-being. After going thr...


Stephanie, Andrea, Naomi, Kat and Mila

August 23, 2018

Our concept of masculinity is changing rapidly in the twenty-first century. As a result, people in our society have a wide range of preconceptions – and possibly misconceptions – about masculinity. We think the idea of masculinit...

Double Standards

Mailan Carr, opinion editor

August 23, 2018

In elementary school, I was told for the first time that I needed to wear a bra because my teacher noticed that one of the boys kept staring at me, and I was distracting him. That shame that I felt still sticks with me today. In ...