Be The School Spirit

It’s up to all of us to bring back spirit

From Freshman to Seniors, there’s an obvious disconnect between San Leandro High School and its students. The lack of participation is a huge problem that’s persisted time and time again no matter the occasion. Students are often heard talking about their school events and activities with disinterest, going as far as discouraging others from partaking. This sets up a negative image and can persuade students, especially underclassmen, to refrain from participating in future school events. 

Seniors, whether they’re aware of it or not, have a lot of influence over what the Freshman, Sophomores, and even Juniors think. Younger students will likely take a Senior’s opinion at face value because typically Seniors have been on campus longer. A Freshman overhearing an upperclassman discuss a certain activity negatively will likely result in them sharing that same view despite never having been directly involved. It’ll influence them to not participate. Not to mention, it puts those organizing the event in a bad spot.

On August 22,  the high school had its first spirit activities. The theme was Soccer Mom versus Barbecue Dad. The number of participants was smaller than expected considering the year prior had been more successful. This led to several students seemingly not wanting to partake in further school events and activities once they realized their peers wouldn’t either. This domino effect has heavily impacted everyone and hindered a once lively school spirit.

A major concern students often face when considering whether to engage or not is the embarrassment of humiliating themself in front of their peers. There’s no shortcut when it comes to embarrassment. It’s a feeling people often try their best to avoid, even if it means missing out on something they could possibly have fun doing. That’s just how people are, but if enough students are seen participating, it won’t seem as humiliating and might even entice others to tag along.

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There will be several opportunities to participate in events and activities within the school. 

It’s important we encourage one another and try to keep an open mind. Not all events or activities will appeal to everyone and that’s okay! Simply being a part of something can help encourage other students to do the same. All it takes is a handful of students having fun to show others that having some school spirit isn’t so bad!

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