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Its Not the Quad, Its Your Quad
"It's Not the Quad, It's Your Quad"
The Cargo Staff October 14, 2022

Renovating the quad was on San Leandro High's bucket list for a long time, and with the help of a 198 million bond our district received, the school was finally able to cross that off this year. The redesigned quad has...

Global Warming: Not Just from Fossil Fuels
Cargo Staff January 24, 2022

There are many assumptions and misconceptions regarding the effects of global warming that are commonly distributed to people by the means of unreliable sources, and a vast majority of them are often superstitious, exaggerated,...

Student at lunch during in-person learning ay San Leandro High
The Negative Affects of Post COVID-19 Learning
Rory Avalos, Staff Writer • December 15, 2021
Tenth grade student Rebecca Che said, “Online took me away from that same routine and when I had to go back into it, it damaged me a lot.” 
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Film Epidemic
Arianna Jackson November 4, 2022

Remakes in film have existed almost as long as movies themselves as of recently there seems to be an influx of them. Prequels and sequels can...

San Leandro High School seniors Lexi Bayot and Alyssa Santos get the crowd ready for the rally at Burrell Field.
Behind The Scenes: Leadership Planning
Ariana Flores, Staff Writer • January 5, 2022
“Participate and don't be shy to be involved in the events. Attend the rally because you get to make great memories!” Bayot said. 
Cargo Staff Makes Positivity Playlist
Cargo Staff Makes Positivity Playlist
March 13, 2020

We all have days where we just aren’t feeling it. Where things couldn’t get any worse and we just want it all to be over. Music is a way...

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Female Representation on the Football Field
Female Representation on the Football Field
Jasmin Llamas Lopez, Staff Writer • December 15, 2021
“I had taken interest in the sport mainly because I always wanted to do things you don't always see girls do traditionally,” she said. 
Senior Captains Lead Girls Volleyball to Victory
Maya Pollard, Staff Writer • December 15, 2021

This year, the girl varsity volleyball team had an amazing season. Seniors Sierra McRae, Lauren Nguyen and Ella Liao are the senior captains of the San Leandro High Girls Volleyball team. They have played volleyball for six...

Pirates XCs Final Race of Season
Pirates XC's Final Race of Season
Erickson Guevarra, Staff Writer • December 14, 2021

On Nov 6, 2021, The San Leandro High School Cross Country team ran at Hayward High school for the WACC League Championship. Members of the team said they have been looking forward to this event. Days before the race, Mr....

It's time to end America's longest war
Julian Quaye, Cargo Staff Writer • December 2, 2022
If we can't even legalize marijuana nationally, universal decriminalization seems like a pipe dream… or is it?
Condensation into Desolation
Michael Thomas November 4, 2022
We can’t stand by and let the world’s largest businesses reign over our lives as they consolidate our economy into the densest leviathan you’ll ever dread.
Why Drive?
Savannah Craig, Managing Editor • November 4, 2022

Nowadays, it is pretty much a social norm for everyone to know how to drive. Society makes driving out to be some sort of LED sign that spells out freedom, but what happens when someone doesn’t want to drive? Personally,...

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