AI Art Is Not Real Art

Creativity is not machine-made

Images constructed by artificial intelligence should not be considered real art. 

AI lacks the comprehension to create an original image meant to represent an emotion, feeling, or thought. Instead, it is programmed to fabricate pictures by sampling multiple artists’ original works and fusing them into a recycled piece that lacks creativity. 

The AI collects several pieces of work from multiple artists based on keywords entered in a prompt and assembles them into an image that portrays the desired result. This is why artists consider AI art as theft; counterfeit art.

In February, a new artificial intelligence model called Sora AI was released. Sora AI can create videos, as well as extend and fill in missing clips from existing videos. A detailed prompt explaining what the user wants to happen is input and the system produces a high quality video depicting the prompt. From Sora’s launch video, it is nearly impossible to know that it was entirely AI generated. The video seen in the launch would appear to be taken from a high quality phone or camera. The authenticity of it frightened several people, not just artists.

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Since AI programs can memorize images easily, the system only needs to see something once for it to recycle the image as many times as necessary. An art piece constructed from several artists’ hard work without proper credit isn’t art, it is stealing. It defeats the purpose of what it means to be an artist and create for the intention of self-expression. When a person creates art, they are putting in effort and time to make something they and possibly others can enjoy. 

It can be argued that the programming itself is the art rather than the work it steals. In no way, shape or form can the AI convey emotion in what it produces the same way a person can. Art is a reflection of who the person is. It can convey their deepest fears,  desires, hopes, dreams and so much more. It portays their life. Artificial intelligence has no experience in any of that. At most it completes a request and at bare minimum the AI itself an art that should be used as a tool to inspire artists, not devalue their illustrations. 

AI art is theft and it’s lazy to pass off other people’s hard work as one’s own or as the work of a programming. Appreciate artists for the hard working people they are and give them the credit they deserve.

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