Mariachi and Jazz

Edgar Alejandro: Diverso
Mariachi and Jazz

On Dec. 14, 2023, small artist Edgar Alejandro from Guadalajara, Jalisco, dropped an EP named “Diverso” composed of six songs totalling in sixteen minutes and forty seconds of heavenly mariachi music intertwined with jazz. 

One notable song on the EP is “¿Porque Regresas? [Why Do You Return?].” With the strings of the violins during the song accompanied by the loud staccatos (a form of musical articulation where a note is played sharply) of the trumpets along with a piano running up and down at the end of the song, you get a sound you don’t normally hear in mariachi. 

The song in particular is about a toxic relationship. One side is keeping the other as their toy for amusement while the other can’t bring themselves to leave because their love is too strong despite being treated wrongly. The lyrics read:

“Que aunque yo quiera yo jamas te podre yo decir que no [That even if I wanted to I will never be able to say no to you].” 

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“Aunque yo sé que merezco algo mejor [Even if I know, that I deserve something better].”

Another notable song is the cover of “Tu No Tienes La Culpa [You Are Not to Blame]” by Julión Álvarez. The original song from 2013, with its loud tuba, trumpets and accordion, is evidently mariachi music. Alejandro’s cover of the song does include those significant mariachi instruments, but they are softer and accompanied by strings and a more youthful voice to take you on an emotional ride. 

This is a song about a relationship that has faded away, but despite the pain and heartbreak, it is realized that no one is to blame.

“Son las heridas que aún siente el corazón [They are the wounds that the heart still feels].”

With music as lovely and emotional coupled with Alejandro’s soft voice, it’s important for this small artist to get the recognition they deserve. You can find his music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Pandora

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