Orange Blood


 ENHYPEN’s fifth mini-album, Orange Blood, released on November 17th 2023, takes on the theme of carpe diem, encouraging people to make the most of the present moment. This album, in contrast to their last mini-album, Dark Blood, is bright and has a “warm vibe to its name,” Jungwon, the leader of ENHYPEN, explained to Billboard News. 

This album has seven tracks, one being an intro, an English version of the title track, and a digital-only remix of the title track. This album contains ENHYPEN’s first-ever English track, “Sweet Venom,” and their first artist collaboration with Bella Poarch. My personal favorite tracks on the album are “Still Monster,” “Orange Flower (You Complete Me),” and “Sweet Venom (English Ver.).”

“Still Monster” is the only track in the album that explores a dark theme. It showcases the internal struggle of seeing oneself as a “monster” despite longing for love. Up until the second verse, “[I’m] still a monster” is sung, but towards the end of the song, “I’m not a monster” replaces it showing an inner conflict of desire and yearning. 

On the other hand, “Orange Flower (You Complete Me)” is a very upbeat and lively song.  This song starts with the darkness and emptiness before finding their “orange flower,” but after the first verse, it reroutes to the beauty of life once their “orange flower” is found. My favorite lyric from this song is, “In full blossom, love is like an orange flower blooming like warm sunlight.” 

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Last but not least, is “Sweet Venom (English Ver.).” The song has a vibe similar to Michael Jackson’s music. With the lyric “Sweet-ee-eet,” the choreography, music video, and outfits. ENHYPEN was able to release a title track that is both a mix of pop and funk that focuses on highlighting the addictive nature of an intoxicating relationship. 

“Still Monster” and “Sweet Venom” both have noteworthy choreographies.“Sweet  Venom” is most commonly recognized for its shushing pose and head shake (See video above). “Still Monster” has a very fluid and sharp choreography that perfectly encapsulates the song’s conflicting emotions.

After six months, ENHYPEN was able to release an amazing album yet again. The choreographies, tracks, and visuals have created a vibrant theme to brighten up the cold and gloomy weather. 

If you enjoy music that incorporates meaningful lyrics into catchy pop melodies, you will probably like Orange Blood by ENHYPEN. I rate this album a 4/5!


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