Pirates XC’s Final Race of Season

Runners reflect on how they prepared for the WACC League Championship in Hayward


On Nov 6, 2021, The San Leandro High School Cross Country team ran at Hayward High school for the WACC League Championship. Members of the team said they have been looking forward to this event.

Days before the race, Mr. Doan said he worked everyone to their limits and pulled greatness out of the team. 

“I think we’re pretty well prepared. I’m hoping for a couple big breakthroughs and continued improvements,” said Doan. “We’ve had some really good PR’s (personal records) throughout the whole season, but I hope that the kids actually peak and do their best when it ends, which is something every coach hopes for.” 

Two students reflected on what had occurred before the race and talked about their experience with cross-country. 

Varsity Runner Andy Quach said he was totally ready for the championship. 

“I’m ready to get another PR and yeah… have fun,” said Quach. 

Andy has been a committed runner for three years and expressed that running has changed his life for the better. 

“[Before joining the cross country team] I was slow, unhealthy, fat, and … depressed,” said Quach.

Whenever Andy is upset about a race, he said he keeps his chin up and tries again. 

“I feel sad,” Andy said, “but then I think about the next race and try to get better.” 

Andy even said he is a passionate runner.

“Intrinsically motivated. I want to get fitter, I want to get stronger and I’m not gonna run for anyone but myself.” 

So far, Andy has been enjoying cross-country and it seems this season is where Andy has said his life has peaked. 

“It’s fun, it’s fun. I’m improving a lot,” he said. “I’m getting to beat Roberto [Hernandez, friend and teammate] every day.” 

JV Runner Roberto Hernandez has had a competitive edge against Andy Quach ever since they met freshman year. 

“I saw Andy on the leaderboard every time and it kinda got me mad,” Hernandez said, “so I had to get up there and I beat him.” 

Hernandez tells us how it feels after finishing a race with an analogy.

“You know that feeling when you’ve been writing an essay non-stop and you lift your pencil up? It’s exactly that feeling,” said Hernandez. 

Unfortunately, Hernandez didn’t race at the League Championship because of injuries. He said he still loves and supports his team. “Sounds like fun. I wish my teammates the best of luck. I’ll be there to support them.” He wasn’t there.