The Negative Affects of Post COVID-19 Learning

Student’s Talk Mental Health After Returning to School Post COVID-19


Reed Norberto

Student at lunch during in-person learning ay San Leandro High

As students are returning to school in person, it is starting to affect the mental health of many students. To look deeper into this issue, here are some stories from students and a mental health counselor working at San Leandro High.

Jessica Hernandaz is a clinician with EBAC and has pointed out the spike in kids who started therapy now that we are back in person. EBAC is the East Bay Agency for Children that provides mental health services for students in Bay Area schools. 

“Now that we’re back in person, our referral numbers are going up,” Hernandez said.

 along with the stress of returning to school in person, many are struggling not only at school and said there is a very big need for mental health services. 

“After two years of being isolated… coming back to all these people is awful,” said sophomore Nyri Green.

Some students said they can’t take being thrust into this environment they haven’t been in for over two years. 

Another major point is whether students had preferred online or in-person, and which one was more damaging. 

“Online took me away from that same routine and when I had to go back into it, it damaged me a lot,” said sophomore Rebecca Che. “I was inside for so long and I didn’t know how to be in public anymore.”