Behind The Scenes: Leadership Planning

Leadership Students Talk Planning School Events With COVID-19 Protocols in Mind


San Leandro High School seniors Lexi Bayot and Alyssa Santos get the crowd ready for the rally at Burrell Field.

The leadership class is excited as they plan the first few events of the 2021-2022 school year. Ashton Vera Perez, 12, the ASB Digital Media Commissioner; Lexi Bayot, 12, the ASB President; and Justine Tran, 12, the Senior Class President will all help plan the next school events with the rest of the leadership class.

After a year and a half, as San Leandro High School adjusts to full in-person school like before the spring of 2020, the leadership students plan and help set up school events.

“This one will be the most important to me because we just had time and space to be together after distance learning. COVID[19] was a rewarding time to heal, this rally will help my mental health and the mental health of many other students,” said Vera Perez.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a year had gone by without a homecoming dance and the first rally of the year but as we enter this school year, both have been planned and have been different than those in the past.

“The biggest difference about this year’s homecoming dance, was that it was outside, as well as the masks and the capacity was a lot smaller than it had been in the past. It’s more strict on what we can do. Like how to attend and how to have fun while following the COVID[19] protocols,” Tran said. 

At San Leandro, pre COVID-19 the school had typically 2-3 rallies a year and although they differ, the purpose has remained the same.

“Rallies are our school’s big sign to have fun and not worry about classes. It’s a stress-free zone, it’s stress relieving and it’s fine to have fun,” Vera Perez said.

The first rally of the school year is always one of the most important ones and typically has the most student participation. The first rally of the 2021-2022 school year has been a harder event to plan because of the limitations with the Pandemic.

“It’s more strict on what we can do. Like how to attend and how to have fun while following the COVID[19] protocols,” said Tran. 

For anybody new to San Leandro High School or for anyone torn upon attending the rally, our leadership students give their advice on why you should attend the rally. 

“Have fun, participate in the games and dress up for spirit day!” Tran said.

Bayot had one final note on the rally.

“Participate and don’t be shy to be involved in the events. Attend the rally because you get to make great memories!” Bayot said.