Mental Health and Mindfulness

How is San Leandro High School Dealing with Students’ Mental Health?

Mental health and communication has always been a problem throughout a lot of students’ academic and personal life, not only in America but in most other countries in the world shares the same difficulties. 

“In the past year, 15 percent of teens suffered at least one major depressive episode, that’s an additional 306,000 teens over the previous 12 months”, according to the 2022 data from Mental Health America. On top of that, nearly two-thirds of teens with major depression say they haven’t gotten any help.

Recently, students had made lots of different mindfulness, mental health projects around and within San Leandro High School. Including the mindfulness drawing in the center of the new quad, and brochures that some of our students made to hand out to all the scholars and staff in school. 

“I know that schools have realized the importance of mental health of students, but they are not doing enough.” Student Zilin Chen, a Sophomore in San Leandro High School said. 

According to research, many teachers in San Leandro High School starting from 2021 will make their students read some articles or books about mental health and mindfulness but does that really work on students mental health? 

“I don’t really think that help, the school should provide more different ways of educating the importance of mental health issues. We should really do programs throughout the school to help all those students that are suffering with depression and mental health.” Student Jayden Liu, a Sophomore in San Leandro High School said. 

Sometimes the problems of mental health are not only coming from school but also from the family or parents of students. Understanding and communicating is a big part of everyone’s life and as students, we should understand the pressure our parents are going through and facing everyday. In the perspective as parents, you would also need to understand the pressure all the students are getting from the school, academics, and more, which is what a lot of parents were not aware of. We all should learn how to truly understand and use the power of language. Try to communicate, face the problem, don’t try to avoid it so you can solve the problem. 

But before that, Master Thich Nhat Hanh said that in his book “The Art of Communicating,” “Once you can communicate with yourself, you’ll be able to communicate outwardly with more clarity. The way in is the way out.” So, first communicate with yourself, if you really feel like you can’t have a conversation with your parents or the school. They are sure willing to help you out, but you just have to say it out loud. 

Schools should really also make more programs about students’ mental health, but at the same time, first learn how to communicate with yourself, be mindful, maybe it will help!