Don’t Judge

Why Judge

People should stop judging other people. People judge a person even though they don’t know what that person is going through in life. Another reason people should not judge a person is because that might make them really upset and have a bad day. Waring, judging a person can lead to a person gaining insecurities and possible self-harm.

This problem is relevant  right now because you can see it happening everyday and it is a thing that has always been a problem for many years. I admit I judge people I’m pretty sure everyone has in their life but I just don’t feel good afterwards because a person might think i’m mean. I need people to understand that judging a person is not ok at all, it can make a person feel very upset.

I choose this topic to make a difference and to make people think before they judge a person.  When I walk in school I can hear and see some people judge another person by their clothes or other things.  People also get judged on social media in the comment section where people would make fun of how they look or what that person is wearing in a picture or video or people can also get judged by their opinion on something in the comments and people would start making rude comments.

 Getting judged happens everywhere in the world.   Say that you’re at the grocery store you’re just shopping, you can get judged by a person just looking you up and down they can be judging you by the way you walk or look. To be honest a person can get judged by anything and that person might feel very bad just by a tiny comment or a simple look.  I think people feel that they know they’re getting judged but they choose to ignore it but they still feel hurt and insecure.  Another reason is that when a person is getting judged they can grow to care what others think about them and that can make them become a whole different person like they change their look and also their style in clothes.


I encourage people to be less judgmental because they don’t know what that person is going through in their life and I hope they understand this and it can make a difference in the world. Also if someone looks at you just say hello that could make their day.