Why Drive?

Driving isn’t the Only Way to Get Around.

Nowadays, it is pretty much a social norm for everyone to know how to drive. Society makes driving out to be some sort of LED sign that spells out freedom, but what happens when someone doesn’t want to drive?
Personally, driving isn’t that bad for me. It is cool to know that I’m in control of a moving vehicle. On the flipside, actually moving a vehicle and having it’s every move depend on you and how you react in different situations is nerve wracking.
That kind of anxiety should never be forced on anyone. I haven’t been driving for long, but that fear of complete control over a car has definitely held me up in my ongoing process of getting my license. Safe driving isn’t even singularly up to you. You need to constantly have your eyes on every inch of the road just in case you run into that one driver that is weaving through traffic at double the speed limit or someone runs a red light.
And when you think about it, driving is really expensive! Buying the car itself, insuring it, registering it, maintaining it, and gas prices? Especially now, buying gas to get around is really harsh on the wallet.
Driving around also has an environmental impact. Driving releases greenhouse gasses into our environment which is bad for not only our environment itself, but us as well. Environmentally, greenhouse gasses cause heat waves, droughts and air pollution. To humans, they cause increased chances of respiratory diseases, food and water borne illnesses and the loss of coastal ecosystems.
Plus, why drive when you could walk, bike, ride the bus or BART? It is not only cheaper by a long shot, but it allows you to truly view your surroundings. You can also get some last minute work done or relax while on a bus or BART.
Taking public transportation also connects you with your community in ways that you otherwise would never be able to do. You will meet interesting people, go routes that you may have never taken and find places you might have never found. BART also gives you an aerial/bird’s eye view of the Bay Area.
Having said all that, why drive?