Change the System Save the Teen

Grading systems are harmful for teens

A new grading system has been enforced by many teachers this school year and it is causing a huge negative impact on the student body.

This new grading system involves the majority of the grade being tests and assessments/assignments being the rest. This could allow one’s grade to drop significantly when doing poorly on a test because of what they’ve got going on in their life outside of school.

Many students are saying that they prefer the old grading system because it makes their day to day life inside and outside of school flexible and workable.

But obviously when enforcing a 70% test, 30% assignment system to students, that could bring stress and even cause some to give up due to work, taking care of younger siblings or even extra curricular activities.

My call to action is for teachers to open up an ear and listen to what their students are saying,and make it easier for them to learn.

Adding onto that, I’d say that if teachers who are going by the new grading system were to go back to the more flexible one we went by last year,  students would be coming to class more often and not skipping because they know no matter what they do or how they do it,their going to fail because of how the new grading system works.

I also think that those teachers who are stubborn or not reasonable at all should put themselves in a student’s shoes and ask themselves if they’ve made it out of school with this current system.

Not only would fixing the grading system make the students more comfortable with their grade, it would also make students more engaged in class and teachers would see more participation because of the bond and trust you make with one.

I also think that the teachers that are not willing to change or adjust their grading system should get to know their students so they could at least know why they aren’t turning in work or are doing poorly on a test.