Red Moon In Venus


Kali Uchis’ newest LP and third studio album, Red Moon in Venus, is a timeless masterpiece about self worth, desire, heartbreak, faith, and honesty; ultimately reflecting the astrological characteristics of a red moon in Venus. A red moon usually indicates an emotional period in time and when that red moon is in Venus, it has an air of divine femininity.
This album has fifteen songs on it and is her third LP. This album is in English and Spanish and both have a striking heartfelt aspect which really makes you think about the situations you’ve been in and may be in physically and emotionally. It was hard to pick favorites since I liked this entire album, but in this LP my favorites are “Worth the Wait”, “I Wish you Roses,” “Blue,” “Not Too Late (interlude)” and “Moral Conscience.”
“Worth the Wait” (feat. Omar Apollo) is about the balance in a relationship between sex and romance. Kali stated on Spotify that it was “very important” for her to emphasize that you should value your body and who you share it with in this album.
“I Wish you Roses” is about releasing people with love and putting out energy that you want to receive. This song sounds especially angelic to me with the synthesizer lead and her voice together. The song’s kind and wise lyrics really give it a heavenly feel.
“Blue” is about the loss of a relationship. After listening to the album, it is clear that Uchis puts her partner on a high pedestal; so it would make sense that losing them would leave quite the mark on her heart. She does however take the blame for how bad the pain would be because she made them her world. “’Cause what’s the point of all the pretty things in the world if I don’t have you? / Yeah, there’s no point of much anything in the world if I don’t have you / Said, what’s the point of all the pretty things in the world if I don’t have you? /I guеss that’s my own fault for makin’ you my world, now all I feel is blue.”
“Not Too Late (interlude) is about admitting to love and feeling lost without it. Nearly the entire song is Uchis saying a variation of “It’s not too late to admit you love me,” but her voice is entrancingly smooth and beautiful to listen to.
“Moral Conscience” opens up with “One thing about karma, that b*tch will find you.” This truly opens up the song well considering the song is about karma and how acting on a bad action will come to bite you later on. As she says, “You’re gonna feel it, you’re gonna feel it / When you’re all alone, when you’re all alone / You’ll know you were wrong.”
Overall, this album was really good. I love the storyline behind it as well as the execution. The sound of wind chimes and edited flow give Red Moon in Venus an airy and light feel while it talks about important topics such as self love, self care and heartache. I give this album a 4.5 / 5.