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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Trolls Band Together

The Movie Taking Gen Z By Storm

Trolls Band Together is is quickly becoming a hit amongst the generation Z community. It is the newest addition to the Trolls movie series and was released on Nov. 17, 2023.

On social media apps such as TikTok and X (formally known as Twitter), teens have been mentioning how the songs in the film were surprisingly well performed. Others have quickly responded that the two other Trolls movies were great and well performed. Teens have also mentioned that they’re excited that the Trolls franchise is finally getting the recognition it deserves.  

“Of all insane animated movies that came out this year Trolls 3 was the only one I went back to watch a second time in theaters,” posted X user @saintlycharles. “It ate so hard.”

The main thing most people post about Trolls Band Together are the vocals of the main antagonists, Velvet and Veneer, and how well the song “Better Place (Family Harmony)” is sung by the protagonists, Poppy and Branch, along with the supporting characters. 

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“WHY DID THAT PART OF THE SONG JUST HIT MAN!! ALSO THE MOVIE WAS BETTER THEN [sic] I EXPECTED THE VILLAINS WERE MY FAVORITE.” TikTok posted by @thatsmars0 with the song “Better Place (Family Harmony)” playing in the background.

Two other songs that have gone viral on TikTok are  “Mount Rageous” and “Watch Me Work” because of how the songs have given people chills. “Mount Rageous” is a combination of the songs “Fame,” originally by Irene Cara, and a remix of “Watch Me Work”. 

“Velvet and veneers [sic] voices give me goosebumps,” posted @mars.genshin about multiple scenes featuring Velvet and Veneer singing.

“Watch Me Work” was a song written by Emily Warren (who has previously written for Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers, Melanie Martinez and many more), Micheal Pollack (who has previously written for Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Lauv and many more), Mike Elizondo and Justin Timberlake. 

Velvet and Veneer also sang “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, originally by Eurythmics, but it was not included in the Official Trolls Band Together Soundtrack. Many expressed their disapproval by leaving comments on the singing voice of Velvet, Brianna Mazzola’s, TikTok asking for a full cover with the voice actor of Veneer, Andrew Rannells.

One TikToker, @0h.b1scuits5, posted a video tagging DreamWorks Trolls, DreamWorks Animation and Brianna Mazzola begging for a full cover. Almost all the comments praised how well the song was sung by their new favorite villains. Many comments are along the lines of “VELVET AND VENEER IS SERVING AS ALWAYS” (commented by @evinzesty)

I believe that most, if not all, people weren’t expecting a Trolls movie to have so many memorable and catchy songs with captivating villains, and so we have so many people to thank for this film. I’m sure many people would be very disappointed if DreamWorks fumbled the ball with its music and slowly headed down the road of only caring for quantity over quality, similar to Disney. 

Now with a new group of eyes on the Trolls movies, its director can clearly see what many people loved and appreciated about it and hopefully lean into creating movies that could be tailored to both teens and children.

Apparently, when speaking to Dexerto, the director of the movies, Walt Dohrn has revealed that his team is “ready to go” with new ideas for the next Trolls movie.

“I hope so and we’re ready to go. We have so many ideas… We have tonnes of worlds that you haven’t ever seen before that we’re excited to build.” That’s something to really look forward to in the future now that the Trolls movies has more people wondering what’s next with its story and music. 


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