Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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It was recently announced by the United States Board of Education that FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) forms won’t be submitted to colleges and universities until the beginning of March. In a normal year, these forms are submitted in a matter of days. The delay was caused by a variety of reasons, including the board’s inability to calculate this year’s inflation. Colleges and universities need these forms to provide a quote on how much tuition will be. This delay will primarily affect low-income students who often base their decision on how much federal aid they can get. 


Former president Donald J. Trump has been removed from the ballot for the primary elections in Maine and Colorado. Lawsuits have been filed in 35 states across the country all claiming that  Donald Trump should not be eligible to run in the 2024 presidential election because of his attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election. This action violates a clause in the 14th Amendment that makes it illegal for people who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” to hold public office. Donald Trump has described his removal as undemocratic and is appealing these decisions in both states that moved through with the motion. It is important to note that Donald Trump will most likely win his appeals and appear on the ballot in Maine and Colorado

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On October 7th early in the morning an attack was launched on the State of Israel by a militant Palestinian liberation group called Hamas. The attack was launched on the southern side of the wall that separates the Gaza Strip from the State of Palestine. Hamas’s attack led to around 1,139 Israeli casualties and to the capture of 240 hostages. As a response to this attack, Israel declared war on Hamas and proceeded to launch aerial bombardments of southern Gaza. This war between Israel and Hamas has been intensifying for the last few months. At the time of writing approximately 27,019 Palestinians have been killed. It is important to note that this is not a one-off incident but rather just another part of an ever-increasing conflict between Israel and Palestine. 


Many people in the imperial core have taken it upon themselves to do what they can to end their own country’s military, economic, and diplomatic support to Israel. Many people view Israel’s actions taken in the most recent Israel-Hamas war and for their continuous displacement and occupation of Palestinian lands over the last 77 years. Resistance has taken many different forms. Many people have taken to the streets to protest. These protests along with other forms of mass organization have caused many major cities in the United States to pass ceasefire resolutions against the war. Other forms of popular resistance include the BDS movement. BDS stands for boycott, divestment, and sanctions. This movement calls on people to boycott major corporations that are known to be complicit with or economically support the nation of Israel. Some of the corporations include Mcdonalds, Puma, Pizza Hut, and Burger King.


The popular record Label Universal Music Group released an open letter on January 30, 2024, stating that they will be removing all songs by artists signed to the Label. The label cited poor compensation for their music on the platform and unrestricted AI music on the platform as reasons for this decision. Artists signed to UMG include Steve Lacy, Taylor Swift, Drake, and the Weeknd all of whom have popular sounds on the social media app. 


Over the past few weeks, a new conflict has been brewing in the Middle East. An Islamic rebel group from Yemen called the Houthis has been attacking Merchant ships in the Red Sea at an increased rate. They claim the increase in attacks is an act of revenge due to the ongoing war in Palestine. In retaliation to these attacks, the United States and the UK have launched multiple counter strikes on the rebels in the past few weeks. It is worried this conflict will cause the ongoing war in Gaza to spread throughout the Middle East.


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