Lizzy McAlpine at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium


On May 16th, 2024, Lizzy McAlpine performed at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco California for the “Older Tour.” She is touring in various different places across the US and Europe. The tour dates caused slight controversy due to certain states being upset at her not playing there. Lizzy posted the tour dates on her instagram, with a caption saying, “i know it’s been a while since i’ve gone on the road but i needed to figure out a way to do it that would be less taxing on my mental and physical health.” Despite this, people left negative comments, which Lizzy addressed by saying “it’s so upsetting to me that i can’t come to every city on this tour but this routing is how i’ll be able to keep my sanity. If we did it anything like last time i would probably end up canceling again and i want to avoid that at all costs. i’m sorry + ily plz give me grace.” Due to the stress of the last tour, her mental health deteriorated and she grew immensely overwhelmed. She was forced to cancel and delay shows, which is why she wants to give herself more time and space in between shows this time around.

I was lucky enough to go to her San Francisco show on May 16th. The tickets were around $50 for general admission, which these days is a very good price. I went with a friend, and our plan was to get there early to get a good view of the stage. We arrived at 5:30 and there was already a slight line building up. At 7:00, when the doors opened, we quickly made our way inside the venue where we got a decent view.

This was when the issues started; people were filled with excitement as the clock reached closer to 8:00pm. Most had been there for houses as well, and were growing tired, but knew seeing Lizzy would make it worth it. However, when 8:00 came, there was no sign of Lizzy. It was normal for artists to be a bit late, so people didn’t really think much of it. More time passed and the lights weren’t even off. People tried sitting down, but it was so crowded it proved difficult. Finally, at 8:45 lights turned off and Lizzy came out around 8:50.

The concert was beautiful. Rather  than backup dancers and colorful stage decor, it was a very calm setting. The stage resembled a living room, and the lights came from lamps and the orange overhead light. It felt very homey and comforting. Lizzy sang beautifully, the setlist matching the vibe of the stage wonderfully. My favorite songs from the new album are Vortex and All Falls Down. A line in “All Falls Down” actually addresses her feelings about touring, with the line, “23 and a sold out show, I am happy but I’ll probably cry after you go home.” At each stop she sings a different song, and for San Francisco she sang a fan favorite. Hearing Erase Me live was truly so lucky, as it is not a song on her new album, and was completely unexpected. 

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Despite the rough start, I would do it all again and am looking forward to the next show. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I hope she doesn’t push herself too much. As Lizzy would say, I’d do this over and over.


Singing and Visuals: 5 stars

Overall Experience: 3 stars

Pricing: 5 stars

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