Pieology Review

Stephanie Murphy

Pieology is a new type of pizza shop. It was new to San Leandro, opening up on Marina Blvd. in 2016. It has become a pretty popular place for people craving a pie, especially students during the football season.

The place is small, but it is large enough to be a hangout. It is a pizza bar and they offer customer favorites (such as the Smokey Buffalo Chicken with buffalo sauce, Chicken, gorgonzola, mozzarella, cilantro and olive oil) from which people can choose.

Pieology is largely known for their build-your-own pizza option. The crust choices include housemade white, wheat and gluten free. I really appreciate the variety of sauces they offer, from house red to fiery buffalo and many in between. The size is called a personal pizza, but it could most definitely be shared with someone. The price, being slightly under $10, is reasonable.

I got a simple pie with regular crust, marinara and pesto mix, mozzarella and feta cheese topped with tomatoes and lots of green veggies with bacon. It was good, I liked how thin the crust was. It seemed as if I was only eating the toppings and that pleased me.

I would most definitely go back to Pieology when craving a custom-made pie!