Marco Carbajal: Dedication

Alex Correa, Staff Writer

Marco Carbajal is co-team captain of the San Leandro High School Varsity Soccer Team. The SLHS junior has been playing soccer since he was six-years-old. His motivation to play soccer came from his father who had also played soccer at a very young age and encouraged Marco to play as well and follow in his footsteps.

Marco began playing soccer at SLHS during his freshman year. He began playing for JV and then moved up to varsity as a sophomore because of his love and dedication for the sport.

This year, Marco was elected by the team as co-team captain for the varsity team along with Juan Padilla (Senior). He attributes being chosen as co-captain of the varsity team to his great leadership.

“The team would generally follow what I say,” he said.

His work ethic translates to his advice to future players of the team, as he advises to be “dedicated, work hard and never give up.”

Marco believes that this year’s team is, “The best we’ve ever had.” The team never gave up, no matter the score and they pushed through and gave each game their all. His goal for the team is to make it past the first round at NCS (North Coast Section). Meanwhile, Marco’s personal goal is to play soccer professionally after high school, and college.

This dream begins to manifest itself as Marco was contacted by scouts from Holy Names University in Oakland to practice with their soccer team. He was surprised by their invitation at first.

“It wasn’t my best game; I think I did better in other games,” he recalls.

Nevertheless, he was excited with the offer as he plans on going to college, making his parents proud, and continuing to play soccer.