Let’s Get This Bread


Yahkirah Nunn, Staff Writer

As Kneaded Bakery is a fairly new, and very good bakery in San Leandro. It is located 585 Victoria Court, right next to a cute little park area where you can take your freshly baked bread and savor the taste immediately and possibly go back and buy more because the bread is that good.

When I went in, I was hit with the delicious smell of fresh bread and helped by a very friendly cashier. I was confused as to what to get first because everything looked good, and I knew I couldn’t buy everything in the store. So the cashier recommended that I get the baguette for later and the chocolate chip brioche as a snack.

The baguette was $4 and the chocolate chip brioche was $2. The chocolate brioche was very moist and slam-packed with lots of chocolate chips. The baguette was very soft and fluffy on the inside but a little too crusty for my tastes on the outside. When I got home and warmed the baguette up in the oven for about 5 minutes, the outside softened so much. It was delicious.

The bakery is only open on the weekends, so if you can’t make it to the store on Saturday or Sunday, you can order the bread online from Goodeggs.com. They will deliver full loaves to your door in a snap. Don’t miss out on this bread baked with love! Four stars.