Hawkins Before Stranger Things

Carlos Almanza, Staff Writer

Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds, a novel by Gwenda Bond, acts as a prequel to the events of the hit tv series Stranger Things. The book takes place in the summer of 1969, in the heartland of Indiana, before the events of the show, and follows the events of the series titular character, Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives. When Terry hears about a government experiment in Hawkins Indiana, she signs up to be a test subject, believing that she could stop the Vietnam War, which was going on.

The book focuses on the life of Terry and her time as a test subject on the project called MKUltra. Dr. Martin Brenner, the scientist in charge of the lab, works with Terry. He also appears in the show Stranger Things but there he is known as ‘Papa’. This book is perfect if you are intrigued to know where Eleven came from and what happened to her mother. It unfolds various mysteries still unknown in the show.

Does Eleven have powers? What’s her real name? Why are they only called by numbers? If you like mystery, drama, and a mad scientist, you’ll like this book. This book was released on February 7, 2019. You can buy it as an Ebook if you don’t like carrying things around but you’ll also be able to read it at any time you want through your phone.