In Unison


Jada Ingram

It’s a rare occasion that young students have the chance to work with their older peers, but that’s exactly what happened on Dec. 5, 2018, when our SLHS Choir and Notables held their annual Winter Concert.

It was surprising to see the children on stage, but the students of Roosevelt Elementary, Bancroft Middle, and John Muir complimented our SLHS Pirates performance very well throughout the evening.

Up first, the Roosevelt students were very talented and adorable. They were a great start to the night, especially with “Viva La Musica,” sung in Spanish.

Next, Bancroft Middle School’s choir performed a series of songs, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed, but what really caught a lot of attention was their final song, “Jingle Bell Rock.” Considering the fact that Christmas is right around the corner, this song created the right seasonal atmosphere. Like Bancroft Middle, John Muir also performed a series of holiday music. Singing songs like “Carol of the Bells,” “A Festive Fa La La” and many more. With everyone in perfect harmony, they all seemed proud as the crowd applauded and rightfully so. Finally, our SLHS choir and notables took the stage to sing a total of eight songs, each more impressive than the last.

As one last treat, all school choirs came up front and created one huge choir, filling the stage and extending off to the sides.

“I thought it was very cool and thrilling to see because of the way everyone was in unison,” said audience member Maggie Ulloa.