Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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New Year’s Resolution Rally

SLHS celebrates the new year with a rally!

San Leandro High School held its second rally of the year on January 26th, 2024, to kick off the new year. Organized by Leadership, the rally featured various activities that engaged students and welcomed school spirit to the second semester!

The marching band and color guard started the rally off, delivering a performance to set the tone. Following closely after, shoutouts for boys and girls basketball, soccer, wrestling and class cheers echoed throughout the gym.

The cheerleaders showed off their synchronization and stunts igniting a roar of cheers from the crowd, boosting the energy of the rally. The drama club showcased a sneak peek of their upcoming musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ with a performance of the song “Money, Money, Money” by Abba. 

Clubs like the Black Student Union (BSU), Latiné Unidos, and Poly Club contributed to the rally’s cultural diversity. Dance performances from the Latiné Unidos club and Poly club were especially popular amongst the students. 

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“Seeing the dances from Latiné Unidos and Poly Club was so beautiful, especially with all the representation of culture,” said Lauren Evans, a senior.

Speaking of dance, San Leandro High’s new dance team left a great lasting impression on the audience with their debut choreography.

Remember seeing all those decorated doors around campus before going on break? Well, the winning teachers of the door decorating contest were announced at the rally! Tied for first place was Ms. Meersman and Ms. Lo. Tied for second place was Ms. Pham, the AP office, and the principal’s office. 

Amidst the various performances, a game featuring gigantic beach balls took place. Two pirates from each side of the gym were chosen from the audience; freshmen and juniors versus sophomores and seniors. Their mission was to throw the jumbo ball into their respective audience and navigate it to the opposite side of the gym. Whoever gets the ball to the middle of the gym first wins! The winners of this game were seniors and sophomores!

After much fun and excitement, the new year’s rally ended with a final chance to let students show off their school spirit with more class cheers! 

Overall, the 2024 resolution rally was a success! It welcomed students with fun activities, performances, and cultural appreciation.

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