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Senior plans after high school

Goind around campus, random seniors were asked the question, “What are your plans after high school?”

“After high school, I want to be an entrepreneur and make money by flipping houses” said Abriel Cantoria (he/him).

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“I want to make furniture and sell trinkets, and I also plan on learning woodworking or carpentry after I finish my education at university, where I will be studying architecture,” said Brina Tan (she/her).

Brina is a senior at San Leandro High School that has shown an interest in STEM, and is committed to studying at University of California: Los Angeles. She plans on interning as well as trying to earn her master’s degree.

“After high school I will be mostly working, but I plan on going to college. I don’t know what I want to study yet, because I am interested in both forensics and fashion, and it’s hard to pick between the two,” said Ducky Catangui (she/her).

“After high school, I want to go to Chabot college and study to become a librarian,” said Karla Gallardo (she/her).

“I want to get back into playing basketball and going to the gym,” said Keyshawn Ward (he/him).

Keyshawn plans on attending Morehouse College, and will also hope to intern for professional assembly members in California.

“After high school, I plan on attending NYU where I will be studying pharmaceutical sciences for two years. I want to explore the world in my spare time and attend tournaments for bouldering and billiards,” said Victor Sam (he/him).

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