Trying New Things

It’s never too late to try something new!

Everyone should try new things. 

This can often feel daunting. Whether it be a hobby, fashion item or food choice. Truth is, people are scared of the unknown.

When given the option between trying something new or something you’re familiar with, chances are you’ll choose what you are familiar with. This is because things that are familiar give a sense of security and comfort.

In May of 2022, I went on a trip to Hawaii with my family. When the topic was first mentioned I announced I wouldn’t be going. I’ve always dreaded planes, or more specifically, heights. It’s nerve-wracking to be so high off the ground and that wasn’t an ideal situation for me, so I refused to go.

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After a week or so, the topic was brought up again and I realized everyone in my family would be going except for me. I reconsidered, and even though I was terrified, I agreed to go.

It was horrifying feeling the lightheadedness from being so high up, although turbulence was probably my least favorite part.

Once the plane was off the ground I was in a state of wonder due to the view. The clouds look so different when seen from above rather than below. When the plane finally landed, there was a huge sense of relief that accompanied me as I set foot on the ground for the first time in hours. I realized that flying wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.

Now, this summer, I’m going to Mexico and I feel ready! Being on a plane was the only thing I could think about at first and now it’s the least of my worries. I’m prepared for the turbulence and even more prepared to have a great time in Mexico visiting relatives!

A common misconception about trying new things is that you have to endure extremely uncomfortable situations, which isn’t true at all.

Start small!

It doesn’t have to be scary.

Order something different at a restaurant. I always order the same dish, but recently I’ve attempted eating new foods despite the risk of not liking any. After some trial and error I discovered I really like onions in certain dishes, which is something I never would’ve thought possible prior.

Instead of wearing a red hair clip, try a blue one. Include smoothies with your breakfast. Go for a walk. Do your laundry on Tuesday instead of Friday.

Once you are familiar with the idea, you can move onto tackling more intimidating things.

By starting small you get used to the idea of unfamiliarity and changing your routine. And as you get more comfortable with the unknown, attempting new things won’t seem as frightening!

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