Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Carrying the Truth of San Leandro Youth

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Yearbook: Meet The Editors In Chief

Get to know this year’s yearbook leaders!
Genesis Saenz
Angela Hor (left) and Andrea Flores (right)


After several months of hard work, the yearbook was submitted and will be distributed near the end of May at the San Leandro High’s student bank. The yearbook staff put in so much effort to provide SLHS students with an amazing book to represent their 2023-2024 year. There’s a lot that goes into the process of making a yearbook, and it might not alway go as smoothly as initially planned. Luckily, the staff could always rely on their Editors in Chief, Andrea Flores and Angela Hor, to help push through the tough times.  


Design by Angela Hor 


Andrea Flores

Andrea Flores has been in yearbook for two years and continues to grow as both a person and a leader every day. She first started her journey on the yearbook team as a sophomore, returning later during her senior year. It wasn’t until her current term that she truly realized the importance of a yearbook. To her, the yearbook is a piece of history that is vital to a school’s past. She describes this year’s yearbook as being more precise. Having taken notice of past mistakes from previous yearbooks to improve the newest one, this may be one of the best issues for San Leandro High thus far. Throughout the process, her biggest inspiration was none other than the yearbook teacher himself, Mr. Nichols. His role as a teacher goes above and beyond with his kind and motivating words.  

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Flores believes people should join the yearbook team because they get to contribute to a piece of their school’s history. Every yearbook is a prized possession filled with many amazing memories and for some, such as seniors, it serves as a time capsule of their life and the lives of friends and staff. It’s no doubt Flores is an exceptional leader and the yearbook staff is lucky to have her on their team. 


Angela Hor

Angela Hor designed the cover and assisted in leading the production for the yearbook. To her, the yearbook is a way to capture the experiences students and staff have had throughout the year. Being editor in chief is an important role and by no means an easy one, but seeing the creativity and passion her fellow classmates harbor played a big part in both inspiring and motivating her. Looking back on older yearbooks, she noticed how the quality of the contents inside only ever continued to get better as students learned to cherish their high school years. Being a part of the yearbook team was such a meaningful experience for her, especially now during her senior year. The cover was designed by Hor herself and displays a pirate tossing an anchor off a boat with a lighthouse in the background. The sky is an ombre of colors, depicting a lovely sunset with fireworks scattered about. Hor acknowledges the struggle of battling a lack of motivation, most notably during the times a harsh deadline was coming up. More than anything, she encourages people to check in with their fellow yearbook teammates and ask questions. Hor is an amazing role model and an even greater inspiration to any underclassmen who hope to join the class.

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